Palma Black Consulting Ltd.

Palma Black Consulting Ltd. was established with over three decades experience of working in and with disadvantaged and challenging communities in London and the south east of England.  As an independent consultant, I operate at the interface of policy and practice and work with a wide range of clients (public, private and third sector) to develop and implement better-informed policy and strategy providing bespoke solutions to complex problems.  I also support practitioners delivering frontline services through training, coaching and mentoring.


Community Engagement for Social Change

Community engagement can bring a wide range of benefits to those involved in programmes, projects or plans, including residents, businesses, groups and service providers. When done well, it increases trust and improves the reputation of councils, regeneration programmes, social housing providers and deliver improvements for service users.

"I can help your organisation meet the needs of your service users and community".

Personal Performance Coaching for Social Change

The synergies between personal growth and community development, lead them to be essential companions in the attainment of goals for individuals, teams and communities. Both require a diagnostic approach to gain clarity and an increased awareness of strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires, to have a clear picture of what success looks like and both rely on development to create change - whether is a community or an individual.  


Palma fuses community development principles and methodologies, with personal development  coaching techniques for individuals and groups to enhance relationship building and engagement.